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Thread: Springs and oil height for a CRF150RB

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    Springs and oil height for a CRF150RB

    I bought a used 2008 CRF150RB. My son (beginner level) is bottoming the forks hard on average sized jumps (tables at Riverfront). The stock spring rate is .36kgf/mm, and the owners manual says that this should be good for riders 150-160lbs without gear. He's 125lbs.

    The bike has stiffer Factory Connection springs, .40kgf/mm. I'm hoping that the previous owner had the wrong fork oil height so I'm changing the oil. What oil height should I run for the stiffer springs? Any other ideas why they might be bottoming over medium sized jumps?

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    Re: Springs and oil height for a CRF150RB

    sounds like oil level is not the problem but u can go from 110mm from 140mm from the top..... are u adjusting the right adjuster the compression is on the bottom and the rebound is on the top of the forks....

    thanks kevin palmer


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