Located on I-80 east just 15 miles from Reno, NV. 410 Wild Horse Canyon Drive, Sparks, NV.

Exit 28 features a state of the art design. The track was engineered with the intentions of creating a safe, fun and challenging motocross course for all ages. Average lap times will between 1:10 and 1:35, creating a perfect Moto of 6-10 minutes. The track features 14 jumps all of which are safe and exciting to watch riders conquer and race. Course designers Drake McElroy and Tim O’brien incorporated off camber turns, banked corners and super bowl turn.

The Livfast FMX Park is one of a kind. Featuring 3 dirt doubles ranging from 75 feet to 180 feet. 4 ramp hits and a 90-foot spine. The FMX Park is another Livfast signature course that will leave your jaw wide open and begging for more.

There is plenty of parking and a fun environment for all ages so come share our dream and be a part of the Livfast lifestyle. Thank you and enjoy.