A year with LitPro

November 7, 2023

A little over a year ago I bought a Polar GPS watch and downloaded the Litpro GPS Tracker app. I wanted to see how it could help me with getting a little more speed at the track. I was surprised by a few things. TLDR: Highly Recommend it

Getting started was a breeze. you downloaded the app, created an account, and you are ready to roll. The Litpro’s compatibility with various third-party GPS devices, including GPS watches means you might be able to get started with something you already own.

What I expected and what I ended up getting were a little different. At first, I thought I was going to come off the track and look at the data and right away go out and make improvements. That ended up not being the case and that is because when you look at the data and see your lap times, its hard to really remember why one lap might have been slower or faster. You can see the line you took along with a bunch of other data, but figuring out WHY you might have gone outside vs inside is tough. There might have been a slower rider, or maybe a kicker started forming.

Although I did not get what I expected, what I did get was data week in and week out. I started noticing things at a more global level. I was seeing lap times either creep up or down over time and correlating that to specific things was a bit easier. Had I been in “training” mode or just “ride around” mode.

I got a few friends to use it as well and its always fun to compare times and lines and see what each other are doing. It is so simple to use that it really is a no brainer. LitPro has “Challenges” a few times a year. A recent one was 100 laps in a month. That kept me motivated to squeeze in one more sessions. The most recent challenge was related to consistency. You had to be within a few seconds per lap for every lap that you recorded. It was super hard to do, I didnt succeed in that challenge.

Cost is always a consideration, and the Litpro hits the sweet spot. It offers a robust free version, and the subscription models are reasonable for what you get – comprehensive riding analytics that could very well be the difference between first and second place.

My Verdict After a year of rigorous testing and real-time adjustments, I’m convinced the Litpro GPS Tracker is a must-have for any serious rider. It’s the co-pilot that helps you push your limits, refine your skills, and enjoy the ride all the more.

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