Factory Connection Suspension Service

August 13, 2021

We had the chance to try out the suspension service from the Factory Connection crew. Factory Connection suspension handles many of the top factory teams and riders at all levels. This is one of the few times that the weekend warrior can get the same stuff as the factory guys. (Probably not the EXACT same stuff)

I am a bigger (around) guy. Probably close to 230 with gear and I had them setup my 2020 YZ125 with new springs and valving. At my weight I could not get the sag anywhere close to correct with the stock setup. The stock setup was causing me some grief. The bike just didnt feel right, and from past experience it was going to be faster to get some suspension work done than loose 50lbs.

The process is SUPER simple. Either head to the website or give the guys a call and let them know what you are riding, what type of riding, your skill level (be honest) and how much you weigh (Again, be honest). They will walk you through your options without over selling you. Just need fork springs, no problem. Need springs and valving, they will let you know. I got all my stuff ordered and paid for right over the phone.

A few days later I got a box in the mail with everything I needed to send my suspension down to them. Not too long after that (I think my suspension was gone for 8 days)my suspension came back. It comes with a nice Suspension Guide that talks about fork height and sag as well as all your base settings.

Safely packed and ready to be installed.

I got my suspension installed and my sag was actually really close right out of the gate. I made a small adjustment and got it where I wanted it. The bike felt better instantly, I think this was mostly because of the sag. Also I moved my fork legs a bit higher in the clamps as recommended in the Suspension Guide. My bike turned quite a bit sharper and the front end didnt push as much as it once did.

The other thing I really noticed was how much more confident on jump landings I felt. Previously if I came up short, I would bounce down the landing, with the stiffer shock and forks springs it sucks up those mistakes for me.

Easy to use box for shipping to and from.


After nearly 8 months of using my suspension, I am 100% satisfied. The process was easy, they answer my questions about adjustments whenever I reach out. Norcalmotocross highly recommends the Factory Connection Suspension Service.

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