Motocross GPS Lap Trackers Compared

February 3, 2022


First off lets talk about what these devices are and what they are used for. GPS Lap Trackers are GPS enabled devices that track your lap times in an effort to provide you the information you need to go faster on your dirt bike. Pretty simple. They each use GPS technology, but the implement it in different ways. They each have their pros and cons. We are discussing these in Alphabetical order. We have no bias to one over the other, this article is just laying out your options. Future articles will have full tests and write ups on each.

The Basics


CROSSBOX uses a GPS device that you attach atop your helmet. It pairs with an app on your phone that you pay a monthly subscription to use. Based out of Europe most of the riders they have on their team are of course from overseas. The app is full featured with lap and section times, a theoretical best lap, braking and acceleration data, jump trajectories, holeshot data, lap comparisons and a track leaderboard where you can share and compare your speeds on the same track to other riders. Im not too sure the track comparison is very worthwhile feature. How many people have times recorded at the track around Norcal, not to mention you have no idea of the track configuration that day or the prep. Our track operators are constantly changing the track designs. So in our opinion the leaderboard is cool in theory. Highly doubtful that it’s useful in practice. They also integrate with most of the more popular heart rate monitors.


LITPro is based in Temecula and was originally based around tracking data from RedBull Rampage MTB event in Utah. Out of that was born LITPro. LITPro uses a slightly different take on the GPS device instead of making a device, they allow you to use many popular GPS Receivers on the market from a Polar watch, GoPro camera or Dual XGPS160. Each receiver provides different features. With the watch being the most basic to Dual XGPS160 being the most feature rich. LITPro also uses an app to access the data being collected, however unlike CROSSBOX this app can be used without a subscription with less features. The MX App features laptimes, animated track overlays, theoretical best lap, corner analysis and holeshot data. They dont feature the jump data or the leaderboard that CROSSBOX has, but we dont think you are missing out on anything there. They also integrate with most of the more popular heart rate monitors.


MyPITBOARD is based out of Canada and takes a totally different approach to lap timing. Instead of using a GPS receiver paired to an app, they build everything into a bar pad replacement. Their team has an impressive list of riders. Instead of riding your session and then looking at the data after the fact, the MyPITBOARD provides real time feedback. When you are slower the interface on the pad turns red. When you are faster its green. They dont have all the bells and whistles as the other two products and setup is a bit more manual, BUT you do get instant feedback.

The Price


Since CROSSBOX is based out of Europe the pricing may vary a bit. We are not experts on exchange rates. You must purchase both the GPS receiver and a subscription in order to use CROSSBOX. The CBX20 reciever comes with what you would expect, charging cables mounting kit etc, and it will set you back €249. Although when we put it in our cart it only showed €207.50. That is $285 and change or $237 and change for the discounted rate. You must purchase a subscription and they come in 6 month intervals. You purchase directly from your app store at a price of €29.99. They offer a lifetime subscription for €199.00. I installed the app but forgot my password and they sent in to me in plain text. Not stoked on that. Big security no-no.


It’s a little harder to layout pricing for LITPro because the work with so many different GPS devices. So in the interest in being as apples to apples as possible we will price the closest option to CROSSBOX that has all the features. One major disclaimer is the Android app is not full featured at this time, so if you are on the Android platform be aware that your app experience will be limited. The Lap Time and Analysis bundle includes the Dual XGPS160 receiver, charge and mounting equipment. It also includes 1 year of subscription for $279. From there out subscriptions are $14.99 per month or $99 per year. If you happen to have a GoPro Hero 5 or newer, or one of the compatible watches you can use the standard LITPro for free.


Remember the MyPITBOARD is an all in one device without an app. This means there is no monthly subscription fees. The price is $275-$299 depending on if they are running a sale or not.

What do we think?

We are really looking to putting each of these threw their paces, but based on the analysis of features and options we are liking either LITPro or MyPITBOARD. Our team is split over which is better. The more nerdy tech types are leaning towards LITPro while the others are digging MyPITBOARD and its simple easy to see laptimes right on the bars. No need to attach a giant watch to your bars. If you have any of these systems let us know in the comments what you think.