Muc-Off vs Slick

December 1, 2021

Are you looking to get that bike looking shiny and new? Then we have the product test for you. We put two of the leading shine products to the test. Muc-Off Motorcycle Protectant, vs Slick Shine & Protectant.

When comparing the two protectants, I noticed more differences than I thought I would. First thing I noticed was the smell of them; Muc Off gave me a really strong, fruity smell while Slick Products smelled more like Sc1. Don’t get me wrong, I love the smell of Sc1. It was just nice to get a new smell.

I wanted to see the products side by side on my bike so I put a piece of tape down the center of my rear fender. I sprayed Muc-Off first (don’t worry fellas, I covered each side so they wouldn’t taint the experiment). I immediately saw how chunky or goopy it was. It sprayed on thick and uneven. When I went to rub it in, I had to practically scoop it off. To top it off,  it left a really filmy look to it. You could almost see that it was on your bike rather than just shining it. However, as I buffed it in some more, it did cover up scratches really well. 

Next I tried Slick. The nozzle sprayed the perfect amount and covered evenly. It was just enough to cover the area perfectly and have enough to wipe in. It made the graphics shine, but it didn’t cover the scratches as well as Muc-Off.

Slick was a lot less filmy which made it have that much more of a  natural shine to it. Overall, both these products will have your machines looking beautiful! 

You might ask yourself why you need to put this on your bike?!l I personally put it on my bike because it makes my bike shine and look brand new. Even though my bike has a bunch of scratches, those products make it look like it came right off the showroom floor. Another reason I do it is to prevent dirt from sticking onto your bike. It sounds silly, however,it does work creating a layer between your plastics and the dirt. It really helps when you wash it! I’ve noticed that when I spray it on my rear and front fender I have less dirt/mud on them. I highly recommend using these products on your trusty steed! 

Muc off: 

  • Smells very good 
  • Sprays a lot 
  • Very filmy/can see it’s on the plastic 
  • Had to scrub to get off and rub in
  • Covered scratches good
  • Really goopy


  • Smells generic  
  • Really like the nozzle
  • Not as filmy/can’t see it
  • Wiped in/off perfectly
  • Didn’t cover scratches as much
  • Sprayed the perfect amount

Hope this helped, grab a can and let us know what you think. See you at the races.

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