Title: Battle of the High-End Motocross Gear: Renen vs Canvas

November 10, 2023

Title: Battle of the High-End Motocross Gear: Renen vs Canvas

As motocrossers constantly in search of the best gear, our team faced a unique challenge: comparing Renen and Canvas, two leading brands in high-end motocross gear. Pete Fox’s Renen and Michael Leib’s Canvas MX both offer customizable options but differ in their approach and style.

Our Rigorous Testing Process Before diving into the specifics of each brand, it’s essential to mention our thorough testing process. Over the past year, we’ve rigorously tested both Renen and Canvas gear in various conditions. From grueling long rides to intense racing scenarios, we’ve put each brand through the wringer to assess durability, comfort, and performance.

Renen: Where Tradition Meets Modern Customization Renen shines with its blend of traditional motocross aesthetics and modern customization. We were impressed by their pre-designed kits that still allowed adding a personal touch with names and numbers. Their traditional feel extends to the material’s thickness and the classic design of buckles and zippers. After a year of testing, we noted that Renen gear held up well in most conditions, though we saw some wear from knee braces on the inside of the pants. Pricing-wise, a fully customized Renen jersey and pants set you back about $345.

Canvas MX: Customization Taken to the Next Level Canvas MX redefines gear customization. They give you complete control over every design element, including colors, logos, and personal rider details. Their gear opts for modern, zipper-less designs using thinner, more flexible materials. Throughout our year-long testing, we found that Canvas MX gear, while resistant to internal wear, was more prone to damage from external elements like crashes. A fully customized Canvas MX kit costs $282, making it a more budget-friendly option.

Comparing Fit, Feel, and Durability Both brands offer true-to-size fittings, with Canvas MX running a bit slimmer in both jerseys and pants. Renen’s traditional gear feel contrasted with Canvas’s more modern, flexible approach. Durability-wise, each brand has its strengths and weaknesses, revealed through our extensive testing over the year.

Our Verdict After a Year of Testing After a year of putting Renen and Canvas gear to the test, our vote goes to Canvas MX. Their competitive pricing, extensive customization, and the overall fit and feel won over our team. However, Renen’s quality and exclusive feel also make it a strong contender.

Whether you lean towards Renen’s exclusivity or Canvas MX’s extensive customization, both are solid choices. Explore their offerings at www.renenusa.com and www.canvasmx.com, and gear up for your next motocross adventure with confidence.

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