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August 8, 2021

We started this journey all because of a gust of wind… No seriously!  See, here’s what happened….  

My 11 year old son and I met my old pals for an epic weekend of sand shredding in one of the worlds most beautiful places to ride – the Oregon Dunes.  Besides the dunes swallowing up the keys to my truck courtesy of my riding buddy Burt, we had a truly awesome weekend.

When we finally got home late at night, we left the bikes in the truck and figured we would unload in the morning.  Upon unloading my shiny, brand new 2015 Husqvarna 501 FE with the paddle tire still on, I put the kickstand down on the concrete.  Because the paddle tire has a lower profile than a knobby, it makes the bike stand up tall on the kickstand making it prone to falling over if you don’t crank the bars the right way…I left it there, and told it to stay, but as I was unloading my son’s bike I heard it..smack. A gust of wind came up and blew it over!  To my dismay, I went to pick up the sad looking beast and found that my right stock steel footpeg was bent and my brake lever was broken.

My search for replacements began, but I didn’t want just any footpegs or levers, after all the stock ones couldn’t hold up to a gust of wind!  I finally found what I was looking for in the form of CNC billet aluminum parts that are lighter, stronger, and a hell of a lot better looking!  I knew there had to be a lot of guys out there like me who were willing to pay for a superior product as long as the price wasn’t insane. was born at that moment.  I am a serial internet entrepreneur who has founded numerous internet businesses, and knew that this was my opportunity to finally support a sport I love and bring great products at reasonable prices to the world.  I’m finally building a business because I truly love everything about it – the friendships, the fun, the lifestyle.  All I want to do is ride, and I am thankful to live in Northern California where we have TONS of great offroad riding areas within an hours drive.  The difference with MOJO is we use every product we sell.  We guarantee every MOJO brand product we sell for LIFE.  I personally want your experience with MOJO to be one you will tell all your friends about.


Dylan Trent

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