TCR Wheels

August 8, 2021

As a privateer, Troy had to do most of the work on his bike, including lacing and truing his own wheels and mounting his own tires.  Over time he became pretty good at both.  Fellow riders caught on to his talents and began having Troy build their wheels and mount their tires.  Eventually local shops and motorcycle dealerships also picked up on his talents.

After many years of doing “wheel work” in the garage, Troy officially started TCR Wheel Lacing in 2000.  Initially TCR offered lacing and truing, anodize, hub polishing and trackside wheel building at Northern California race events.  As TCR’s reputation grew, larger scale promoters sought Troy to offer his services and products at some of the most well know amateur events around the country:  Lake Whitney MX, Las Vegas World Mini, Mammoth MX, Ponca City Grand Prix, etc.

TCR began to grow in ways that this small family business could never have imagined.  Within two years of becoming TCR Wheel Lacing, Troy and his wife began working for the business exclusively and TCR moved into its commercial/retail location.  As the move-in and remodel of the new location was in peak mode, Troy began his next journey:  joining the Bridgestone North America Off-Road team.

While working with Bridgestone for nearly a decade, Troy traveled to all of the AMA Outdoor Nationals performing the duty of fitment specialist, mounting tires and giving wheel advice to the fastest and most well-known racers in the world.  Naturally, this led to building relationships with factory teams and riders who soon wanted Troy to be their wheel builder.

With the experience of building wheels for the highest level in the professional motocross industry, the inevitable next step was the TCR Works Hub.  With Troy’s design and manual and CNC machining background, he designed his first hub for Honda CRF450’s.  Combined with Troy’s talents, and Geico Honda’s R&D input and brutal product testing, the groundbreaking TCR Works Hub was born.  The TCR Hub is the first hub to truly be lighter and stronger than OEM and accept all OEM components.

TCR has no limits and never ceases to raise the bar.  Over the years Troy has perfected the art of wheel building.  He has built wheels for the show bikes of many, including Arlen Ness and Jesse Rooke.  He has built the wheels aboard the championship vehicles on everything from dragster cars, hill climbers, flat trackers, GNCC, Vintage board trackers . . . If it has spokes, chances are Troy has built one.  If not, he’s up for the challenge.

What started out as a small family business has evolved into the Industry Standard when it comes to wheels.  Troy’s drive for success in the motocross industry comes from his love for the sport.  He was bit by the motocross bug at a very young age and has been immersed in racing for over thirty years.  Troy is also the third generation of engineering and machining craftsmen.

TCR has been in business for 20 years now. We started as a family business fixing and making wheels look trick. Made our own hubs, won 4 AMA championships, worked with Factory team Geico, Honda Star Yamaha, MDK KTM, Moto Concepts, Honda, and Rockstar Suzuki. Built a shop had employees and traveled all over the US supporting racers and through all this we have gone back to our roots. We stopped making our TCR hubs because it took too much away from the wheel building and local customers. Got rid of our employees and back to Troy working on every wheel and part that comes in our doors. We started at the local level with riders and worked our way to the AMA Pro level working with Factory teams and riders so we have worked on it all, seen it all