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We are back!!!!

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

It all started in 2004. http://norcalmotocross.com provided a place for like minded Moto fans to get together. We had a great 10 year run. With the turn down of the economy and the rise of Facebook we closed up shop in 2014.

Its 2020 and after 6 long years we are back and ready for things to be better than ever.

We had so much help over the years and norcalmotocross.com would not have been what it was without the support of so many people. I hesitate to thank anyone for fear of forgetting anyone. So if I miss you, I am truly sorry.

Sean Coplen and Peter Brown from Roseville Yamaha. They have been supporters since the beginning. Two amazing people. Scott Davis and Jerad Fisher. They let us hold ride days at E Street and were always super supportive. Morgan and Alex from BR1, Alex has since left this earth, but Thank you. Aaron Hansel from Racer X for all the amazing stories.

Steve and Justin from Motopro Graphics, Scott Link from Alpinestars, Hoss Sharifi with Factory Photo for providing the community with amazing photos. The entire Kelly family, Brad, Blake, and Ron. Jack and Corky from AMP. Tom (NYSURF) Dana from Carmichael Honda/Capitol Yamaha. Todd Nelson his wonderful family.

And all the members throughout the years.

Here is a look back at some of the homepage designs over the years







2011 - 2014

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