AMP Racing’s mission is to provide the very best in motocross racing events to its customers. To accomplish this, we partnered with GFI Racing in 1997. GFI is headquartered in Southern California and because of this, we are also known as GFI North. This alliance allows us to bring the best competition in the form of North/South competitive events and coordinated series events.

AMP Racing was started by Jack Azevedo Sr. and Jr. in 1993. Jack Sr. and Jack “Corky” Jr. noticed a significant need for quality racing in the Northern California area and decided to open a company to provide the very best in MX racing. Since 1993, AMP Racing has become the de-facto standard in MX racing by setting a bar many have tried to reach. If rider turnout is a measure of success, AMP is the very best with turnouts exceeding over 800 riders at some events. Even with the large numbers, we are committed to maximum track time and efficient management operations.

AMP is committed to providing the highest quality, most competitive and fairest motocross events in the United States. The commitment to quality is not just what you see; it starts long before any event takes place; when all the prep work must be done. For example, permits are gathered, local government agencies concurred with, and much planning and meeting is required almost a year in advance of any event. We are up before dawn on every race day and normally spend several days prior to an event getting the track ‘just right’ for the best riders in the state. Our commitment to quality brings out the best riders, the best riders bring the best fans, and the best fans bring the most fun. We are committed to a fun racing environment.

What are some of the things we do that others don’t? We have meticulously prepared race tracks, we offer 1st timer classes for real beginners, we pioneered the “Saturday before race practice”, we have catering at all events by contract, we have parts and accessories available at all events by contract, we trophy Pee Wee’s 100%, we have two ambulances on race days so races are not held up by occasional injury, we have an excellent safety record, we have efficiently managed events that move quickly, we focus on the needs of the riders, we are consistent and fair…we are dependable. If you haven’t been to an AMP Racing event, it’s time you came on out!

AMP Racing, LLC
PO BOX 3450
Turlock, CA 95380

(209) 656-9682 24 Hour track hotline
(209) 667-0134 Fax