Havoc Infinity Google – First Ride Review

November 26, 2019

I recently picked up the Havoc Infinity Goggle.

I built a custom pair, choosing a white frame with black strap. I ordered a set of 20 tear offs along with my a blue lens. Right out of the box you can see how large the lens is.

When you put them on you cant see any of the frame, just nice clear vision.

The other thing that I noticed right off was the width of the strap. It has a nice thick strap that holds well on your helmet.

No twisting, no slipping. The tear offs felt a little thin compared to some other brands, but I did not expect it to be an issue.

They come with a nice big soft bag.

I took out my fresh pair of the Havoc Racing Infinity Goggle for a 45 minute race at the D36 MMX Grand Prix event. The weather was hot and SUPER windy. Like I mentioned earlier when stacking up my tear offs they felt a bit thin, but with 3 on vision was great, they held on well and had a lot of hole options. I am guessing that is to fit the different models of goggle they have. I went with my typical stacking. The first on I put on is alway setup for a right hand tear and the next two I put on with the typical left hand pull. I do this in case I do the panic pull and pull both tear offs at one time. I still have one left on because the tab was setup on the right.

The goggles are BIG. They filled up every bit of real estate on my 6D helmet opening which turned out to be great with the windy dusty conditions. There was no pressure on my nose and they were super comfortable. The foam is 20mm thick and kept all the sweat out of my face and caused no rash or itching.

Although I did not need to swap lenses to a clear lens or a different color mirrored lens, the magnetic feature will surely make that a breeze.

The other really cool feature is the quick release strap. There is a small tab, you depress it and the strap slides right off. You can order extra straps so your gear always matches. 2 frame colors, with 2 strap colors and 2 lens colors gives you 8 possible combinations. Buy 3 sets and you can mix and match 27 possible combinations.

The goggles are very affordable. With Oakley Airbrakes at over $200, the Havoc Infinity Goggle is a steal at $80. $90 if you want to make a custom color combo.

These goggles get the Norcalmotocross Thumbs Up. Worth the price for sure.

Check out https://www.havocracingco.com/ and build yourself a pair today.

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