Where to Ride

This is where it all started for Norcalmotocross.com back in 2004.  We didn't know where to ride, tracks didn't have websites.  There was not social media, so we built a track directory.  Are looking for the latest and greatest information about Motocross tracks near you?  We have that information for you.  Look at our Motocross track directory, click on a link and get redirected to the tracks website.  We have the tracks phone number, email address and social media information.

Riverfront MX Park

Riverfront MX Park is located an hour north of Sacramento in Marysville, California, bordering the Feather River. The main track is built and prepared for riders and racers of all ages and skill levels. There is also a peewee track for kids who are just starting and a Vet/Quad track in the back. We do plan on doing special events/ practices for quads and/ or side-by-sides if the demand is there.

The main track will have some options. If you’re a pro you can “go big” but if you’re just a beginner you won’t have to. We built it to be fun, safe and challenging. We will constantly be making changes to create variety, which will also help riders progress. We hope everyone enjoys the track whether you’re a pro training for a race, or a family just out to have a good time.


Located in Tulare, CA.
$25 Big Bikes
$20 Minis
$10 Kids Track
No Spectator fees on regular practice days

5 passes are available for $100 Limit 1 purchase per person, per month.


Argyll MX

Argyll MX has been in operation since the early 70's and has well established itself as a motocross racing and practice facility owned and operated by Mike Sexton. The track consists of a mixture of clay and sand with a varying array of man made obstacles to challenge both Beginner and Pro. The track layout and obstacles are changed often during the year.

Argyll MX continues to host racing and special track events thought out the year. Please check the Calendar for the latest schedule. Be sure to visit Club Moto which is also Operated by the Sexton's. Get connected with our Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest Argyll MX info.


Honey Lake

Situated in scenic Lassen County, Honey Lake Motocross Park is one of the most challenging Motocross tracks found throughout the United States. With one of the longest uphills in Motocross, "MX395"
consists of a vertical rise of 400 feet among a hillside scattered with oak and pine trees. The main track is approximately 1.5 miles in length with an additional novice, mini bike and 50cc track.

Honey Lake Motocross is a family and community orientated park.

Diablo MX Ranch

Diablo MX Ranch was established in the early 1970's. It's home of the well known Sand Hill Ranch and is now under new ownership.
Family run

This is a family-run business whose sole purpose is to keep this Motocross facility in the community and provide a safe and fun filled environment for multi-generational as well as new motocross enthusiasts in and out of the Brentwood area in a first class facility.

The Main track is our primary track where we hold practice and can also hold races. It is groomed, prepped and watered before each ride day. We split practice when warranted. It is suitable for the Pro, Intermediate, Vet, Beginners and Pee wee classes. We also provide a kids track.

Cycleland Speedway

Opened for racing in 1963, for many years Cycleland was well known for the motorcycle events held there. Former motorcycle racer, and longtime owner and promotor, Lowell Moural has been at the helm for 35 years, and first held an Outlaw Kart race there in 1985. Over the next few years four wheeled vehicles started to gain a foothold on the original oval track on the property. Eventually, that oval made way for the current 1/8 mile banked clay venue that was created in 1991, which held its first event the following year. Today both the motocross track and the Outlaw Kart track thrive with huge numbers of competitors descending upon the hallowed grounds for regular events.

Since the time Outlaw Karts graced the facility, Cycleland has seen a multitude of talented youngsters earn their stripes there, before moving on to bigger and better things in the racing world. While countless drivers are willing to get their racing thrills into their adult years at Cycleland, for three decades now the track has been a prolific feeder of young talent to the sprint car scene in Northern California.

We are located 14 miles south of Chico California on Hwy. 99. Located on the property is an 1/8th mile dark clay oval track that is the Saturday night home for the Outlaw Karts and Modified Midgets. Sunday's are filled with Motocross racing and practice on a motocross track with supercross characteristics. That's when you'll see the high flying, fast paced motocross racing action.

Hope to see you at the races!


E-Street MX Park

The track is prepared daily for riders and racers of all ages and skill levels, whether you’re a beginner just starting or a professional training.


Every summer since 1968, racers have flocked to Mammoth Lakes for this classic event – the oldest continuous running motocross in the USA. The track has changed a little over the years, but the fun hasn’t. Many of the top racers in the world have honed their skills at this event. There have been some epic battles over the years and many racers have made a name for themselves on this track.

Riders like Ricky Carmichael, Jeremy McGrath, Rick Johnson, Johnny O'Mara, Broc Glover, Donny Schmitt, Steve Lamson, Gary Jones, Kevin Windham, David Bailey, Jeff Ward, Ron Lechien, Bob Hannah, James Stewart, Mike Bell, Donny Hansen, Ryan Dungey, Ryan Villopoto, Eli Tomac and many more have raced Mammoth and moved on to giant success.

It also become one of the major amateur events in the country as well. You can see the factory riders of tomorrow racing in the mini classes at Mammoth today

Club Moto

Club Moto is a recreational facility including an outdoor natural-terrain with many elevation changes and man-made obstacle motocross GP race track and a fairly tame mini track.

The tracks are watered and groomed every day that Club Moto is open. The mini track is usually kept fairly hard packed and smooth to allow for the little bikes. The main track is normally disked and rototilled every day. Track layout is changed often. The facility has high-powered lighting to enable after-dark riding and racing. Club Moto also features a large grassy picnic area with a built in BBQ pit.


Fingerlake MX Park

Privately owned non-profit CLUB ran by the Endicott family along with friends, riders, and racers!


MMX Racing

MMX Racing is comprised of 6 tracks all operating at different times.

Prairie City

The track at Prairie City is home to the AMA Pro Motocross Hangtown national. Sometimes the track is referred to as Hangtown. I think the official name is the National Track at Prairie City. Whatever its called, its a great track